Good Melanin Morning Podcast

Jaye Walden

Melanin Podcast Host and Entrepreneur 

Founded by Jaye Walden in March 2020, Good Melanin Morning was birthed as an outlet to express her most inner thoughts, brokenness, fears and healing.

The more Jaye indulged herself into everyday life and Good Melanin Morning, she quickly realized a few things:

  • She could either become a product of her environment or make her environment become a product of her.
  • She wasn't the only one who needed this outlet. 
  • Pain is part of the process and will be encountered while traveling the road to healing.
  • Acknowledgement & Acceptance of your brokenness is a MUST!
  • HEALING is necessary!
To display how, just because you grew up in brokenness, poverty and dysfunction does not mean you have to become broken & dysfunctional.